Behind the Scenes Shoot w Coco & Breezy

22 Nov

Jacket: Aliomi, Faux Fur: Aliomi, Studded Bangle: Lazaro, Dress: Jordana Warmflash, Sunglasses: Coco & Breezy

Faux Fur: Aliomi, Leather Jacket: Her Own, Neon Bracelet: Coco & Breezy, Sunglasses: Coco & Breezy, Vintage Chain Necklace: Coco & Breezy, Dress: Jordana Warmflash

Knee High Boots: Ash Platform Boots: Her Own

Coco & Breezy with Lazaro!

It was an exciting day in Soho on Saturday! The Ladygunn crew had a shoot with the super stylish, trendsetting duo, Coco and Breezy. If you did not know Coco and Breezy make eyewear and accessories at the young age of 20, and they are killing it! On Saturday all eyes were on them. Even Terry Richardson did a double take when he spotted our shoot. There were applauds, tourists taking pictures, a frenzy in Soho. As we were about to change looks we ran into the famed jewelry designer Lazaro who offered to let us pull jewelry. This shoot couldn’t get any better! read more at Ladygunn

Koko Ntuen: Editor-N-Chief, Ladygunn

Quentin Fears: Stylist

Sophie Elgort: Photographer

Special Thanks to Highline United


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