17 Feb

Karelle Levy hits New York Fashion Week at the Miami Express Yourself Lounge featuring Miami Based Designers and her creative knit line, KRELwear. KRELwear is a line of knit clothing unlike any other. It’s philosophy is based in the beauty of “toobular” knit design. This design allows Karelle to create pieces that are one of a kind and form to any body type with little to no seams. So when the fabric is finished the piece is finished. This allows the piece to be worn in many ways. Beyond the technique I love the shear beauty of her work. Styling is the key to these pieces. They can worn to look sexy, freaky, bold, and elegant. Some of the garments even glow in the dark. Perfect for that rave circa 1996. KRELwear has been worn by celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Alanis Morrisset, Christina Ricci, Carmen Electra, Pink, Cameron Diaz, and Natasha Lyonne. Now I have my very own in the from of a the blue and white scarf worn in the picture above. Thanks Karelle!


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