Dani Stahl

23 Feb

Dani Stahl Style Director of Nylon Magazine is giving us a bit of 90’s grunge at Fashion Week! I miss the 90’s. This week I’ve had Smashing Pumpkins on repeat, 1979 is my favorite. Who didn’t skip school, smoked some pot, and made-out with a cute boy to this song?? Okay, I didn’t  but that feeling of youthful abandon and apathy still resonates. I don’t think it will ever go away. Mom were are my corduroys, Dr. Martens, and my forest green cardigan?  And mom please stop paging me, it’s embarrassing!! OH, and now I’m wearing those old school headphones that wrap around your head on the subway and the gym. I’m sure everyone thinks I’m a freak. Who cares they actually work.


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