12 May

Interview by: Quentin Fears

Excerpts from interview featured in Ladygunn

Aliomi is an online boutique founded by a group of New York City Chicks who love Fashion, Style & Raiding each other’s Closets. Checkout the interview and see what they have to say about growing up in NYC, loving fashion and most of all being best friends!


Roll Call! Who are the Ladies of ALIOMI and their titles?

Naomi Melati Bishop – Founder and Creative Director

Allison Sparkuhl – Founder, Stylist, Buyer and Merchandiser

Sophie Elgort – In-House Photographer and P.R.

Carolyn Pride – Business Operations

Alessandra Epstein – Marketing Director

Ny Richards – Concessions and Stylist

We are six girlfriends and business partners, the Big Apples and an indie-inspired penchant for fashion.

How did the ALIOMI team meet?

 We all grew up together. Naomi, Sophie, Carolyn, and Ny all went to Trinity school together and have known each other forever. Alessandra went to Convent of the Sacred Heart here in NYC and Naomi first met her in ninth grade wearing two different shoes on the UES. Allison and Naomi were freshman year roommates at Sarah Lawrence College and started ALIOMI one summer when they were living together.

ALIOMI seems to be not just an e-commerce site dealing in vintage and custom clothing but a blog and even a lifestyle. How would you describeALIOMI?

 We sell vintage, customized, and DIY apparel. We also carry our own line and collaborate with up-and-coming local designers and artists. Through our blog, forums, events, style, and attitude, ALIOMI aims to be more than just a brand, but an edgy, avant-garde influenced lifestyle, personalizing and touching upon niche aspects many main-stream fashion houses and publications seem to skim over. So we hope that our lifestyle brand speaks to fashionistas, hipsters, society girls, and biker chicks alike.

Who is the quintessential ALIOMI Costumer?

 ALIOMI can be any girl, but our muse is downtown NYC street chick.

New York seems to be a key element within the ALIOMI Brand. What is it about New York that inspires ALIOMI?

 Our e-boutique sells clothing inspired by New York City’s sidewalks. We grew up together in NYC; it’s our stomping ground and springboard of motivation. In NYC everyone has such unique style, and it’s inspiring.

Looking though the ALIOMI Look Book it reminds me of hanging out in one of my best girlfriend’s closet. Is this something you ladies grew up doing; vintage shopping, trading and recustoming garments?

 The Look book was taken in our actual closets!  Yes, we definitely all grew up thrifting, swapping, and reworking each other’s clothes.

ALIOMI was even recently featured in Teen Vogue. How does it feel to garner so much great attention and press for your brand, accomplishments and amazing style? 

 FAN-TASTIC! It’s really been a dream… and we’re so grateful for the people who like what we do.


So what is the next step for ALIOMI, a Life Style Brand?

 Gee, we thought we were already a lifestyle brand J Check out our blog with our daily musings: – We’re all so different—so hopefully our customers and readers can identify with at least one of us…

As for the next step, we have some things a-brewin’… stay tuned, we’re ALIOMI 2.0 now 🙂

What is one item an ALIOMI Chick can’t live without?

 It’d definitely be something different for all of us… we just actually had a discussion about this question during our meeting and like everything else, we couldn’t agree with the ONE thing we couldn’t live without. We argued about it and came to the conclusion that we’re all too different to pick just one thing. But then, a half hour later everyone muttered, almost simultaneously… “Shoes!”

Who are some of ALIOMI’s Favorite Designers?

Sophie-Alexander Wang/Chloe

Alessandra-Dolce & Gabbana/Valentino

Allison-Rag & Bone

Naomi-Zara/Rick Owens/Pamela Love

Carolyn-Donna Karan

Ny- Valentino

When you ladies aren’t working on the brand what are you up to?

Working at our day jobs, which are: photographer, advertising, public relations, graduate school student, personal assistant, and finance. We also meet up for dinners, parties, events, etc. together!


The Beatles or Kanye?

Both…and more


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